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Lucy at Roaring Fork

You don’t run into many ghost stories on the beaches of O’ahu, but for some reason, East Tennessee sure has a stockpile of them! Maybe it’s the cool climate of the mountains which draws spirits away from their otherworldly purgatory and back into our own Earthly realm. Or perhaps it’s just that more persons befall […]

The Legend of Simon Craft – Gatlinburg’s Craft Family Cannibals

In the aftermath of the American Civil War, it was not uncommon for a grateful U.S. government to bestow upon its more distinguished and higher-ranking officers some quite sizeable parcels of territory, some far beyond the scope allowed under the Homestead Act.  This was, in part, for compensation for their military service, but also for […]

The Ghost of Greenbrier Restaurant in Gatlinburg

The Greenbrier Restaurant of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, offers the best brownie to be found in the Smokey Mountains. They call it ‘Lydia’s Chocolate Suicide For Two.’ Wait…what?? Why so serious with the brownie name? Because it’s named after the ghost which happens to haunt the restaurant. You got it–“Lydia,” one of the most (in)famous ghosts in […]